Smart Garage Smart Garage, an Auto Garage Billing Management system developed by SiddSoft IT Solutions is a software designed foremost to suffice ease of use be it for any kind of auto garage business. Auto garage billing management system helps you manage the auto garage in order to meet its goals by having control over the profitability and the productivity. This auto garage billing management system is loaded with features like: • SMS support : ◦ SMS bill alert ◦ Service reminder SMS ◦ Birthday and anniversary wishes SMS • Email reporting option • Search Options that include : ◦ Pending work search ◦ Vehicles search ◦ Customers Search ◦ Insurance search ◦ Timesheet search- based on the date and time ◦ Purchase search ◦ Search based on the expenses ◦ Revenue search • A list of Master - a file that enables you to work with different vehicle models, parts, labor, external labour, etc. • Database Backup • Price update • Purchases • Expenses  Apart from these features our auto garage billing management system enables you to work with different types of report. Analyzes the contribution of the people in workshop, measure the productivity, manage the labour charges, the supplier purchase made, etc. Overall this can be called as the Right solution to any auto workshop” making the management handy for you and your team people.